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Bryce, Clasual

The breadth of knowledge amongst the members and their willingness to share is unbelievable. You don't need to be a builder to get something out of this club, anyone working on the built environment can take something away. Their attitude of collaboration vs competition benefits everyone.

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In one word, collaboration. Being involved in a group of like-minded individuals that are willing to share openly there processes and how they do business to help out there direct competition is unheard of.


I have never been apart of a group that’s so open in trying to change this industry by helping each other. I look at it this way; If I can give one piece of advice to one person and they don’t make the same mistakes we did, then that is a big win. As a group and a collective we have hundreds of years experience we can share within this community and further.

Colleen Ferguson Headshot_500x500.png

What I love about this community is that it's centered on collaboration, education, and sharing information and resources for the betterment of our industry. It’s about what we can learn from each other, without judgement, and how we can educate and inform the industry with innovation. And that’s pretty exciting!


We have been avid fans of Builders & Brews since its inception, not only for the great connections, but we always end up learning a thing or two about the industry (coupled with a side of contagious laughs). We sponsored one of the Builder’s and Brews events in 2021 to generate awareness for our offshoot brand Champagne Friday. Not only did we add to our community, but we ended up bringing on a new client that was in attendance at the event. Thank you Builders & Brews!

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