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Origin Story

We've been hosting events since 2018 because our community quite simply wouldn't let this thing fail. Great ideas have their own gravitation, and what started as a simple idea has become a collectively-owned belief that collaboration is both fun and rewarding. 

We host casual and welcoming events for anyone and everyone in the homebuilding industry. We might be called Builders & Brews, but our community is comprised of architects, designers, trades, suppliers, and home-servic
e providers. Everyone is welcome. (And we don't just stick to 'brews' neither! Wine, cider, soda, and waters just didn't fit in the name).
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For upcoming events you can click here, and to get an idea of events we've hosted in the past just keep scrolling! 

We offer a variety of event styles:

Flagship Events, which are anywhere from 60-150 people, with speakers and short presentations.
Workshops, which are limited to 30 people and target a specific theme in our industry.
Happy Hours, held once a month as a casual way to bring the community together.
Giving Back Events, where we partner with a local charity or organization to provide exposure and donation opportunities. 
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