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Looking to give back? Check out some of the ways you can donate your time and skills to awesome things!

Do you have an idea for giving back? Something you'd like to see on this page? Let us know.

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We hosted an event in the Spring of 2021 that highlighted three leaders behind the YW Hub project in Inglewood. A portion of ticket proceeds went to helping fund YW Calgary initiatives. 

For more than a century, YW has provided services for women in our community. In order to continue our evolution and be responsive to the needs of women and their families today and into the future, we need a new facility that will be as adaptable as our organization.

The new YW Hub facility provides accessible supports for women and their families that include transitional housing, counselling, language and employment skill training, child development and parenting programming as well as support services to manage the organization.

You can learn more here!



Habitat for Humanity does a heck of a lot more than you might realize. Here in Southern Alberta they build homes for qualifying families with 0% interest mortgages. Healthy communities require healthy individuals – Habitat provides stability and independence for those individuals through affordable home ownership. 

As a community of home builders, designers, and trades, we saw a perfect fit and invited them to one of our events to showcase the impacts they make everyday in Southern Alberta. If you want to get involved, we can put you in touch with the folks you need to contact, or you can source out more information here. 

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