OUR MISSION is to make the homebuilding industry better through education, collaboration, and giving back to our communities. 

OUR GOAL is to host events that provide our guests with actionable items to put back into their business the very next day. 

We love those conversations that leave you walking away feeling invigorated and excited about your ideas and your vision. We provide a direction and the space for those conversations to flourish and grow into real, actionable items to help you build your business. 

To us, a "better" homebuilding industry looks like this:

Stronger Reputation. We want the Calgary design and homebuilding industry to reflect a gold-standard in innovation and customer service. We want people to partner with Calgary businesses for their homebuilding experience because they know that Calgary has the highest quality trades, designers, and builders.

Collaborative Leadership. We believe in sharing. Sharing ideas, best practices, and resources. We don't believe in hiding our secrets for a competitive edge, because that results in short-term thinking. When we share, everyone wins–including the client. Simply put, when our industry wins, we all win. It's a long-term game and we want everyone here to play for just as long!

Efficient Communication. We think the pre-construction phase of every project needs more collaboration. Builders, trades, designers, and architects coming together earlier means a better experience for everyone involved–especially our clients!



Serving our communities through awareness and appreciation.

Builders and Brews is a community initiative built by folks who simply love to to create and build awesome things. Part of that is finding new ways for us to give back to the communities that support us. 

If you have an idea on how you'd like to see us give back, drop it in the contact section below!

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