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Budgeting & Estimating Workshop

Budgeting & Estimating Workshop

Why - Collaboration makes work more fun, more efficient, and improves our industry.

Who - Craftspeople and entrepreneurs; builders, designers, architects, and trades.

What - Welcoming events for socializing, sharing, and learning.

We love those conversations that leave you walking away feeling invigorated and excited about your ideas and your vision. We provide a direction and the space for those conversations to flourish and grow into real, actionable items to help you build your business. 

Collaborative Leadership

We believe in sharing ideas, best practices, and resources. When we share, everyone wins–including our clients.

Check out our Origin Story to learn more about this approach.

Efficient Communication

We think the pre-construction phase of every project needs more collaboration. Builders, trades, designers, and architects coming together earlier in the process means a better experience for everyone involved.

Stronger Reputation

We want the Calgary design and homebuilding industry to reflect a gold-standard in innovation and customer service. We want people to partner with Calgary businesses for their homebuilding experience because they know that Calgary has the highest-quality trades, designers, and builders.

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