The inspiration for Builders and Brews came from the craft beer scene here in Alberta! We love how breweries here in YYC collaborate and we thought that our industry could learn a thing or two. Did you know that most new beers are actually created in another brewery's tanks? It's that kind of sharing that we love, by getting better together.
And thus, B+B was created!

Annex Ale Project

Connection: Our Home!

Annex Ale Project is near and dear to our hearts. This is where it all began for us, and we love the place so much we moved in upstairs!

Annex is a brewery and tap room founded by co-owners Andrew Bullied and Erica O'Gorman in 2015. 


The proximity of the brewery to Alberta barley and mountain-fed water allows the brewing team to use some of the best natural resources, constantly exploring the relationship between malt, water and hops.


Annex produces four year-round beers and a variety of experimental and seasonal beers. With the recent expansion Annex has added a mixed fermentation program using wild yeast, lactic acid and other funky microbes.

Come check them out if you haven't already!


Connection: Our Old Home!

TradeSpace was one of our first supporters and still is a great place to host events.


A collaborative workspace and event space, TradeSpace was the brainstorm of Daniel Delgado & Jordan Tetreau. Daniel and Jordan’s solution for success was to foster a collaborative community tailored for the construction and manufacturing industry. (Sound familiar?)


They bring independent contractors and small businesses together under one roof, with professional offices that are combined with warehouse storage.

Looking for a new office space but not ready to take on a lease of your own? Check out TradeSpace and tell them we sent you! You won't get a deal or anything . . . they'll just know us.