The inspiration for Builders and Brews came from the craft beer scene here in Alberta! We love how breweries here in YYC collaborate and we thought that our industry could learn a thing or two. Did you know that most new beers are actually created in another brewery's tanks? It's that kind of sharing that we love, by getting better together.
And thus, B+B was created!


Event: Pre-Construction Agreements

Prairie Dog Brewing is a fully-operational microbrewery and family-friendly restaurant located in South Calgary at 105D 58 Avenue SE. We were founded in early 2016 by five friends/family members, all of whom are owner/operators and present at the pub on a day-to-day basis. We opened to the public in June of 2018.


Event: Passive House Presentation

Owners Jeff and Graham are simply two terrific buddies who met while working on IT and satellite communication projects back in 2007. They connected over a love for taking their hobbies WAY too far and Tool Shed Brewing is the natural result of two good home brewing friends that took their favourite hobby further than most.



Event: Habitat for Humanity

TradeSpace is a collaborative workspace and event space. TradeSpace was the brainstorm of Daniel Delgado & Jordan Tetreau. Daniel and Jordan’s solution for success was to foster a collaborative community tailored for the construction and manufacturing industry. To bring other independent contractors and small businesses together under one roof, with professional offices that could be combined with warehouse storage.